Why Your Rug Needs to Be Cleaned

Rugs make a home look beautiful. They have their own grace that adds to the style and charm of any room. Depending on the type of rug you have, care and maintenance can be a challenge.
All rugs are unique, and each type requires its own special care and attention. Here are some general tips that apply to most common types:

  • Vacuum it at least two or three times a week.
  • Use a bristle broom on it regularly to clean it. But be gentle: The rug’s texture can be spoiled if you rub it too hard.
  • Roll the rug, take it outside and throw it over a clothesline. Beat the rug with a paddle to dislodge any lingering dirt.
  • Rent a shampoo machine from the local market, or consider buying one. Use the machine to deep clean your rug every six months or so. A good shampoo will help maintain the rug’s quality and will help retain its shine.
  • Hire a professional to shampoo the rug if you find that tedious. Most professionals will provide excellent service at an affordable price. They also will take care to do the job right.
  • If you have a shag rug, you’ve probably already noticed that dirt shows very easily. You’ll have to increase the frequency of cleaning to maintain the shine that it had when you bought it.

All rugs require regular cleaning if they’re to maintain their original feel and shine. Every type of rug has its own maintenance requirements. For instance, you’d remove a stain from a wool rug one way and use a different technique for a synthetic rug.

When purchasing a rug, ask the salesperson about the best cleaning process. If you’re not sure how best to care for a rug that’s already in your home, call a rug-cleaning professional!

It is important to clean your rug regularly. A vacuum cleaner is sufficient for weekly cleaning. At least twice a year, however, most rugs need a deeper cleaning, such as a shampooing.

If you can’t squeeze rug maintenance into your schedule, you should hire a professional to do the job. You’ll find many companies specialize in this service – and some focus solely on certain types of rugs. Before you sign any contracts, research the company and the techniques it uses. Make sure your rug cleaning professional is experienced and has a good reputation.

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