Urine Treatment

You love your rug as much as you love your pets and children. All are welcome in your house. Sometimes, there are accidents – and you’re left with a puddle and a foul-smelling room. You fear that urine treatment could harm your precious rug. With some do-it-yourself kits, your fear is well-founded.

One solution, of course, is to keep pets and children away from the rug. But that’s impractical in many situations. Let’s take a closer look at what urine is, what it does to fine rugs and how to clean it up accidents.

Urine is a biological byproduct that carries waste out of our bodies. It contains a mix of water and other substances such as salts, urea and other organic and inorganic compounds. Once on a rug, the water evaporates and leaves behind the other materials – and a foul odour.

The smell, unless treated, will make everything – the rug, the room and anything in it – seem unhygienic. You could live with the odour, though you’ll soon discover that friends will be offended and refuse to visit. In addition, urine will eventually cause your rug to deteriorate quickly.

The best protection is to limit who is allowed on the rug. If that’s not possible and there’s an accident, clean it up as quickly as possible – before it has a chance to penetrate into the fibres. Avoid do-it-yourself treatments as they can worsen the problem. If you discover that urine has been on the rug for a long time, consult an expert rug cleaner. Professionals can quickly take care of the odour with advanced treatments, though the stain might be more difficult to remove. While the technician is treating your rug, be sure to ask for advice on how to deal with future incidents and whether he sees any other problems with your rug.