Why Your Rug Needs To Be Cleaned Offsite

Whether your rugs are expensive hand-loomed antique Persian carpets or new department store purchases, professional rug cleaning and proper maintenance will not only prolong the life of the rug, but refresh the pile, eliminate odours and allergens and improve the overall look.
Many professional rug cleaning companies perform on-site cleaning services. This may seem like a cost-effective and hassle-free way to clean your rugs, but cleaning rugs in an off-site rug cleaning facility is the preferred method of treatment. Why? There are several reasons.

This is an example of a rug that has been damaged by on site cleaning. The dye has bleed onto the fringe.

Certified and trained professional rug cleaning technicians will carefully examine the carpet to identify stains, odours, the type of fibres used in weaving and areas of wear or irregularities in the pile. An analysis of dyes will determine whether your rug has colour-fast dyes or dyes that may bleed or run. The appropriate laundering solution will be used for the composition of yarns and dyes in your carpet.
A reliable rug cleaning facility will have several areas in which specific cleaning processes occur. Specially-designed machinery such as the Rug Badger removes grit and dust by vibrating the carpet. This process unseats dust and particles that may be deeply embedded in the pile or foundation. When dusting is done on-site, it is difficult to remove all of the particles. The dust is not contained; it becomes airborne and will again settle in the carpet and padding as well as on furniture and floors. Proper dusting raises the pile of the rug, which facilitates cleaning and gives a new look to the rug at the end of the process.

Our expert technicians can remove stains from rug fringes.

An off-site rug cleaning facility will have separate areas for shampooing, washing, rinsing and drying the rugs. Ph-balanced cleaning agents that will not harm the dyes or fibres of the rug are applied to remove deep stains and odours. Cleaning with rotary shampooers helps to revive the pile. Immersion in rug-cleaning baths removes remaining dust and allergens. After shampooing, cool water is used to rinse the carpet to remove all cleaning solutions. The rug is then sent through a ringer that gently squeezes out water.
Finally, placing the rug in a special drying room removes the balance of the moisture. This is an important process that cannot be done properly in your home. Complete drying prevents retention of odours and mould.
If it is difficult to remove your rug for off-site cleaning, consultation with a professional rug cleaner will identify which cleaning techniques are appropriate for your site. High-quality machinery such as a Rug Badger used by a trained professional in your home can clean and freshen your rugs.

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