Rug Repairs

Only a trained, professional carpet expert can properly assess the damage to a carpet and make recommendations for rug repair. Damage may include missing or degraded fringe or tassels, holes, frayed edges and selvages, missing warp or weft threads, faded motifs or moth damage.

Pets are a common source of damage to carpets. Dogs often chew on carpet edges and unravel fringe and selvages. Cat scratching can loosen pile or sever foundation threads.

Rug repair assessment takes into account several variables. Each rug has individual characteristics. What is the fibre content of the rug? Most antique carpets (older than 100 years) are woven of silk, wool or cotton. Newer rugs may contain synthetic yarns. What is the condition of the rug? How old is it? Are the dyes colour-fast? How extensive is the damage and what kind of repair will be required?
Repair may include restoring warp or weft threads, reknotting or tightening knots to rework motifs or replacing worn or frayed fringe. Repairing or adding fringe keeps ends intact, the rug foundation taut and the pile tight.

Repair experts will match fibres, colours, dyes and rug patterns so that the restored area is not noticeable. Repairs can give a new look to your rug and prolong its life for your continued enjoyment.